Which Golf Ball is Best for You?

October 24, 2017

Forte Performance Term

Every golf ball has different character. Here's a breakdown of some terms associated with golf ball performance to help you understand product descriptions on packages easily. The performance is quite different between driver, iron, and wedge. 

1. Ball Speed: The speed of the golf ball immediately after impact.- MPH

Ball speed is created by club speed and impact. Although a golfers club speed is key to potential distance, the ball speed that is the biggest factor in how far the ball actually carries.

2. Back Spin: A shot such that the ball rotates backwards after it's hit.- RPM

The greater the backspin, the higher the ball will fly and the more it will spin, and therefore stop or even spin backwards on impact with the turf.

3. Vert. Land: Descent angle of golf ball in degrees.

 It affects the total distance.

4. F-TIME: Flight time of the ball in air-seconds.

The longer your ball is in the air, the more distance the driver has.

5. C-DISP: Carry dispersion (Ball landing) - feet.

Usually you want the golf ball that has the great combination of long carry and minimum dispersion.

6. C-DIST: Carry distance (Ball landing) - meters.

The straight line distance between where the golf ball was launched from and where it crosses a point that has the same elevation.

7. T-DIST: Total distance (Ball stop) - meters.

Total is carry plus or minus any bounce and roll.

8. Roll: Distance from carry to total - meters.

Some golfers don't like the ball to roll out very much. Also it depends on the course and softness on the greens.


Normally you won't see a chart like this. It's confidential.


In this graphic, you don't have to understand every factor or details but it'll help you understand what type of golf ball you need. Let's take a look of different golf ball constructions.  

 SS2 Soft


  • A rubber core covered by a Surlyn layer. Normally, a 2-piece ball will have a low spin rate.
  • It'll go farther and your hooks or slices will be minimized.
  • More durable than multi-layered balls.
  • Ideal for mid to high handicap players who demand maximum distance.

Golf Ball Model: SS2 Soft

 SS3 Speed


  • Multi-layer golf balls usually include a soft outer cover.
  • The extra layer gives the ball a higher spin rate.
  • Ideal for mid to low handicap players who value spin around the green.

Golf Ball Model: SS3 Speed


 SS3 Speed


  • 3-piece tour ball has two layers surrounding the core.
  • It provides a greater level of control, which comes in handy around the green.
  • Ideal for low handicappers.

Golf Ball Model: Tour Performance S

Forte 6 


  • It offers a high spin rate with better feeling and control with short irons.
  • The softer Urethane Cover is applied.
  • Advanced players: Ideal for players who demands the best or nothing.

Golf Balla Model: FORTÉ 6

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