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How Often Should You Change New Golf Balls

by FORTÉ Golf Australia March 10, 2017 2 Comments

How Often Should You Change New Golf Balls

Do you know why PGA golfers change balls after minor scuff? There's a ball test related to this, done by Golf Laboratories, the most authoritative organisation of golf testing. With a robot arm preset to hit brand new golf balls at 229 meters (250 yards), when in contrast, a ball with scratches could lose upto 5.5 meters (6 yards). It sounds like nothing, right? In reality, there's a big difference between five irons with easy swing or six irons with hard swing. There's a rumor you should know: Most players use over half a dozen golf balls in a single round of golf. Apparently every meter matters.

Golf Ball Durability

In fact, a high-quality golf ball cover can be cracked when hit more than 100 times with a driver by professional players. Most golf balls can be hit more than 250 times; after that, the performance will begin to decline. The small scratches on the cover of the spherical shell have small effects on the performance, unless the whole ball is shaved.

Temperature and Water are the biggest Threats to Golf Balls

At temperatures below freezing or above 38ºC (100.4ºF), the polymer at each layer begins to harden or soften, affecting ball speed and spin rate.

Also, it is not good idea to use balls retrieved from a pond; water will penetrate the core, affecting distance and speed. After 2 weeks, golf balls soaked in water see significant reductions in speed.

How to Keep Your Golf Balls and Clubs: Humid Regions V.S. Warmer Regions

As most of you are aware that maintenance of your clubs in either extreme humidity or warmer climate regions usually requires additional attention, the same principles apply to your golf balls, too.

In regions of extreme humidity, golf courses are usually soggy, and mold is more prone to multiply, and they usually do! Make sure you clean your clubs and balls after the round, as mold has the ability to penetrate almost anything.

In extremely warm regions like Australia, plastic and rubber materials will suffer from excessive degradation, and that's what most golf-related components are made of, so this requires extra attention. Do not leave you golf clubs and balls in your boot or stationed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This will have negative effects on both clubs and balls.

Check your equipments, and get new balls right NOW.

FORTÉ Golf Australia
FORTÉ Golf Australia

2 Responses

Peter Stone
Peter Stone

May 15, 2017

Don’t have a problem with SS2 balls. Have been using these balls for months now and besides a little discolouring they last round after round. I used to start with a new ball every round but now I will use then clean and reuse at a later date. Have been using same 12 balls for around 20 rounds and notice no performance drop off but handicap has gone from 21 to 17 . Awaiting Somme SS3 balls to try. Recommend Forte balls to everybody.

Sandy Cox
Sandy Cox

April 03, 2017

I got 2 free FORTE balls with 0 on them and they both chipped 1/2 way through my round. A mate of mine got 2 new ones and gave me 1 of them and it didn’t chip in the whole round. Hitting drives as long as ever and even sinking some puts. Schools still out on wether they are a good ball with 2 out of 3 chipping. But come off the clubs nice.

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