Why It’s Essential For Every Golfer To Wear Arm Sleeves

December 23, 2017

Why It’s Essential For Every Golfer To Wear Golf Arm Sleeves

Spring is almost over, and we’re now welcoming the sweet Summer. This is the most awaited season for golfers. Are you excited to get exposed to “sunshine vitamin” again? Don’t get too eager though.

Sunlight exposure in the summer equips your body to stock up on Vitamin D3. A great vitamin D booster!

But we all know it’s certainly dangerous to be under the sun for too long. Repeated overexposure to UV radiation can cause damage to the genetic material in your skin cells. If enough DNA damage builds up and starts growing out of control, it may lead to something much worse than sunburn.

There’s no rule of thumb to describe how much sunlight exposure is safe or dangerous, on average, a round of golf game lasts about 4 hours. Depending on how the game goes, the time still varies. Every time and every moment you spend under the sun’s UV rays, you are at risk. That’s why it’s crucial we apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing, so we can be safe while enjoying the sport we love.

So the question isn’t “Is it necessary to invest in an excellent golf clothing?“, because it gives you the key reasons why it is.

We know that golf clothing can improve your game in ways you never thought before. Today, we’ll be looking at why it’s essential the arm sleeve is part of the fundamental golf clothing kit.

Why Go For a Golf Arm Sleeve?

Let’s start with the basic.

  1. It is designed to give you better protection while keeping you absolutely stylish!

    Wearing golf arm sleeves keeps the harmful rays off your arms. As we all know, the most effective sunblocks will only give you protection for a maximum of 2 hours. It would be time-consuming to reapply sunblock again during your game. When clothed in golf arm sleeves, sunblock is no longer necessary. This will bring such convenience to every golfer’s life.

  2. Adaptive to weather changes ranging from 10°C (50°F) - 21°C (70°F)

    Not just for summer but perfect for cold days too. Play comfortably on chilly days without having to wear a long sleeve or sweater.

    Protection is not just limited to sun’s harmful rays but also to keep annoying insects away. Bugs don’t find you at all since your arms never become hot and sweaty.Surprisingly, golf arm sleeves have a cooling and moisture wicking properties. Indeed a stylish way to stay cool and dry when it’s hot and humid.

  3. Apart from protection and confidence golf arm sleeves brings, it makes your performance a whole lot better too.

    Swing with quiet passive hands and get straighter drives for more scoring opportunity. Easily execute a tension-free turn and release style swing with less effort! Attain better arm extension. When you have relaxed feeling in your arms, surely you can achieve consistent setup. In addition, keeps your triangle together, complements your swing and gives you a better approach to the game.

    Here’s a handicap golfer, Steve. He started using golf arm sleeves and his games are now better. His golf arm sleeves promote a feeling of connectedness enabling him to swing with quiet, passive hands. The end result is longer, straighter drives and a scoring opportunity.

    Then there’s Brian who has a perfect arm triangle and maintains it throughout his swing. His still takes lessons at a leading golf academy and regularly works on his golf swing. For Brian, golf arm sleeves provide him comfort and complement his swing; gives him better approach to the game every time.

Definitely a necessity for golfers, need I say more?

If you need a functional golf arm sleeve and not just a fashion statement, then FORTÉ golf arm sleeves are definitely worth checking out. Designed to give you complete UV protection, aimed to provide you ice feel comfort during your rounds, and is drafted with cool dry breathability for excessive sweating.

Be ready to set foot on the greens under the blazing sun and take your game to the next level!

Get Your Golf Arm Sleeves Right Here!

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