Select a Golf Ball Based on Swing Speed? Yes or No

July 21, 2017 1 Comment

Select a Golf Ball Based on Swing Speed? Yes or No

For many golfers, choosing the type of ball you see professional golfers using or following big brands is not always the best idea. PGA tour players use balls tailored to their individual swings. So should you. Golf balls are designed to take into account such factors as spin rate, speed and distance. Once you determine what your average swing speed is, you "may" select the ball for your game. However, it's not 100% right.

For most of us recreational golfers, choosing the right golf ball to suit the game is not as simple always as play what the pros play. Most of us do not have the same ball striking ability, the consistency of swing mechanism and let along the swing speed pro’s posses. That’s the main reason Forte Golf offers many user-friendly spec golf ball that is equal in manufacturing techniques and uniquely beneficial to a boarder spectrum of golfers. Now let’s take a closer look at those determining factors.

Myth 1: Choose the Compression of Golf Ball Based on Your Swing Speed?

You might be told that 100 compression is for swing speeds over 100 mph, 90 compression for swing speeds over 90 mph and 80 compression for swing swing speeds under 90 mph. It maybe right in last decades, some golf balls has high energy core with super-soft and low compression is good for 100 mph player. 

Choose a particular compression golf ball based on a particular swing speed range. You should never pick a ball based on your swing speed because every golfer has different ball striking ability, some of the best ball striker you know may not all have tour-level swing speed. Golf is all about feel, the better you can strike the more efficient you can compress the ball and softer the ball is going to feel.


Myth 2: Pick a Golf Ball with A Construction Designed to Maximize the Effectiveness of You Swing Speed?

Choose a 2-piece golf ball for swing speeds under 90mph, a multi-layered all for swing speeds under 100 mph. 3-layers golf ball is pop right now, many golfer with lower swing speeds who still love using multi-layered ball for better green side control.

A more realistic approach is to choose a golf ball based on your striking ability. Laws of physics will always remain true, higher compression will equate to faster ball speed, and lower compression will always feel better. It’s completely personal what trade off you are willing to make, there nothing right or wrong to prefer either. Generally speaking, play the most layers possible that does not produce excessive backspin on your driver shots, where that backspin will shine on your approaching shots.

Myth 3: Choose a Golf Ball Covering?

Pick a Surlyn cover if your swing speed is under 90 mph, a balata covering if your swing speed is under 100 mph and an elastomer covering if your swing speed is over 100 mph. Golf ball cover is for generating greater spin control around the green, your swing speed doesn't affected by cover that much.

Your choice of cover material will usually reflect on the price tag. The thicker more durable Surlyn cover that will provide less back spin, less feel and less overall performance but at a much more affordable price tag. If it’s maximum feel and performance you are after, nothing will outperform our U-Cast cover series offering. Your swing speed has no determining attribute in deciding which cover will be more suitable for your game, instead it’s how much performance you are after.


Field testing golf ball choice is the best way to determine the best ball for you. We offer each types of FORTÉ ball trial pack with free shipping. A trial is worth a thousand words! Nobody can feel the shot for you!

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Rodney Hewetson
Rodney Hewetson

July 25, 2017

Love your golf balls, at age 65 and very overweight I don’t get the distance I used to when I was younger and thinner. Having used both the ss2 and ss3 I have a preference for the ss3 it gives me more consistency around the greens. Absolutely love your golf glove, with a wide hand and short fingers I always find it hard to find a glove that fits right. yours fits perfectly and I was wondering are they going to be for sale by themselves. Cheers Rodney

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