April 30, 2018


How often do you change your golf balls?

Hitting the same golf ball several times in your game can exhaust it quickly. Factors such as strike pressure, markings, dirt, etc. will push you to change it a few times, which can be a hassle when you are trying to finish a game. Always having new balls on hand is good practice, but that’s not always the case especially with amateurs and some pros.

These days, plenty of golf balls use improved high-quality materials. This diminishes the frequency of changing golf balls in almost every round of your game.

If you have a top performing golf ball that is highly resilient to scrapes and cuts caused by trees, rough surfaces, or thin iron shots, then it is more likely that you will use it again on your next rounds.

Therefore, you need to know the importance of cleaning your winning golf ball to maximize its performance on your every game.

Imagine playing on that beautiful green course, with all the mud, sand bunkers, fairways, and rough surfaces. You know it’s normal for your golf ball to get in contact with plenty of dirt, debris, etc.

However, it all clings to the ball's dimples and will definitely affect the way you play your game. The added weight of the dirt and debris is detrimental to the distance projection and speed of your golf balls.

When a golf ball is repeatedly used for a few times, it loses its color and becomes dull. Add in all the dirt and markings the ball encounters; then, of course, it will change over time.

If you prefer to get a new golf ball out of your bag every round, then, that’s great! 

But, if you like using the same golf ball repeatedly because you love the performance, speed, and the distance it goes, then you better arm yourself with knowledge about the things that can affect your golf ball and eventually, your overall score.

When your golf ball is caked with mud or some small debris, the littlest wind resistance can affect the trajectory. That means you will reach a shorter distance, reduced spin, and lowers the flight of the ball. This is such a bane in the consistency of both pro and amateur golfers.

Rather than sacrificing your game by using a dirt-laden and mud-coated ball, a little bit of effort in maintaining a squeaky clean and the shiny golf ball has many benefits.

Here are the advantages of having clean golf balls:

  • Increase your spin rate and perform as good as new
  • Gives your better flight and distance
  • Clean golf balls are actually easier to find after your shot since it won’t camouflage with the mud and greens.
  • You can mark it again and do away with faded marks.

Your Forte Golf Balls are made from premium cast-urethane covers. It will survive rounds on the course and you can even take it out for a few more games after.

However, if the golf balls you played are not well maintained, no matter how good it’s spin rate and performance is, it will always drag your distance down.


You will need the following and can easily be found in your kitchen:

  • Lukewarm Water
  • Detergent/ Soap
  • Used Toothbrush/ Sponge
  • Clean Cloth



  • After finishing your game, don’t let your equipment sit for a long time with dirt and debris all over it. Mud can be extra difficult to remove when it already hardens. If your club has a cleaning area, immediately soak it in water. Eliminating dirt on golf balls that are still damp or wet is a very wise step as it is easier that way.  
  • If you want a complete removal of all dirt and markings, clean it at the convenience of your home using all the basic home materials mentioned above.
  • Take all your used golf balls and soak it in a warm bath for a few minutes. Lukewarm water removes most of the stubborn dirt clinging on to the dimples of your golf balls.
  • Next, prepare your solvent or detergent. The amount of detergent you will be using depends on the number of golf balls you will be cleaning.
  • Use a sponge or toothbrush to remove the remaining stains of ink or dirt from your golf balls, scrub it gently.
  • Lastly, wash it with clean water and dry with a cloth. Your golf balls are now good for another game!

Easy right?

Always check the cleanliness of your golf balls. Don’t let the added weight of mud and dirt cause you to have bogeys in a row. Remember, aside from your accurate shots, you also need to check your golf equipment, this is crucial if you are aiming to have a hole-in-one.

Give your golf ball a good shine!

Need a new golf ball? Improve your game with Forte distance and performance!

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