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Myths Surrounding Soft Golf Balls and Hard Golf Balls

by FORTÉ Golf Australia June 15, 2017 2 Comments

Myths Surrounding Soft Golf Balls and Hard Golf Balls

Every golfer has an individual swing and individual preference for feel or distance in a golf ball. Generally speaking, a lower deformation of the core will result in higher spin on approaching shots. Let's talk about 3 myths surrounding softer golf balls:

1. Cover material in determining a ball's softness?

Surlyn covers are harder, thicker, lower in density, and more reflective in appearance. Cast Urethane covers have a unique, milky-smooth appearance and are thinner, softer, and higher in density. Yes, you can distinguish the difference in appearance to determine the material of a particular ball's cover. FORTÉ golf balls are uniquely engineered to provide sensational feel from both materials.

2. Softer balls are for players with slower swing speeds?

Every golfer can play a softer ball, it feels better! For some higher swing speed players they may sacrifice slightly less distance but gain much greater accuracy, softer feel and produce a more penetrating fight. It all depends on the preference of the player, but don’t stereotype yourself on what balls to play, better feel usually promotes higher confidence too!

 3. Soft golf balls are only suitable for play in low temperatures?

Weather does have an impact on your shots, most evidential factors include the air density, humanity and the temperatures will affect the player’s overall body stiffness, rarely caused by the temperature along, as test results have shown temperature has very insignificant influential affects on the ball’s performance.

Studies have shown that 70% of all golfers prefer a softer feeling ball, and the increasing popularity is overwhelming! We have dedicated ourselves to outperforming the competition with SS2 Soft and Tour Performance S, designed for those golfers who prefer the extra smoothness on striking, chipping, and putting.

The Surlyn-covered ball (SS2 Soft) uses a softer core, because Surlyn covers are approximately twice as thick as Cast Urethane covers. This counters most of the core deformation on approaching shots. Tour Performance S, on the other hand, utilizes a Cast Urethane cover and has a higher compression rating than that of SS2 Soft. For feel-based players, both models will produce remarkable smoothness, while Tour Performance S will produce more bite. Try them for yourself and FEEL the difference!

FORTÉ Golf Australia
FORTÉ Golf Australia

2 Responses

Adrian J Yeo
Adrian J Yeo

July 11, 2017

After trying (and liking) the SS2 I bought a dozen of the Forte 6. Unfortunately my swing speed is too slow to get the full benefit from this ball and I have given them to players who swing much quicker and hit the ball a lot further. The only negative feedback I got was from a player who sprays his shots a lot and was looking to blame anything but himself

Shane brown
Shane brown

July 10, 2017

Softer is better but still not giving away too much distance

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