Surlyn VS Urethane: Which Do You Think will Win Your Game?

January 12, 2018

Surlyn VS Urethane Golf Balls

"It's surprising how golf ball covers are often overlooked and something that most golfers do not pay attention to." - Do you agree?

The golf ball you choose can make a big difference in your every game. You can play around with different type of golf balls until you find your perfect match and choosing the right cover is definitely one crucial factor!

It’s the golf ball covers that provide you with performance characteristics; it has an added benefits on your distance and shots. However, we don’t usually pay attention to covers, so we’re giving you the real deal on golf ball covers!

Out in the market, there are two types of golf ball material which are often put side by side for testing, flight capacity, distance, and backspin comparison.

Now, let’s distinguish these two types from one another. Most golfers will fall on Urethane and Surlyn since it’s the two most popular selection nowadays.


Surlyn Cover - FORTÉ Golf Australia

Durable Surlyn, tough as You are

Surlyn is commendable for its resiliency!

You might not know that Surlyn is the first and most durable cover material that revolutionized the construction of golf balls!

How will Surlyn benefit your game?

Surlyn is particularly durable and will not cut or scuff through regular use, plus, it offers better abrasion resistance than the Urethane cover. A Surlyn covered ball feels harder than Urethane covered balls and that “toughness” and “firmness” of this material accounts for a lower spin rate.

Generally, Surlyn covers provide longer distance for your shots! It was tried and tested by golfers particularly tour performers over time and does really score little farther than urethane through shot tests. However, it doesn’t offer the spin needed for shots to stop the ball around the greens quickly. A small drawback on that, but still does its job of giving you a good flight.


Urethane Cover - FORTÉ Golf Australia

Urethane for Precision and Control

Cast Urethane, a Real Game Changer!

This cover material has been existing in the market for quite a long time now. It has been used as tour balls since 1995 and made remarkable changes to golfers ball control.

How will Cast Urethane benefit your game?

The Urethane cover of the previous generation high-performance golf balls were too soft to the point that it would scuff too easily. And few shots iron can already lead to noticeable scuff, marks and cracked. This reduced the ability to maintain repeatable ball flight and was much less durable.

However, after years and years of quality testing, Cast Urethane cover came with the perfect solution to mend this constant problem. This cover allows us to create very thin soft cover but has excellent durability. So in a sense, it has the feel and spin of old urethane golf balls and the firmness of Surlyn. An excellent combination of performance and control, making it the go-to ball for many golfers on the course these days.

I’ve heard fellow golfer once said: “I will always choose cast urethane golf balls, thin cover, great feel, soft and very durable, good short game control without sacrificing distance.”

Which Cover will Match your Game?

Urethane is softer than Surlyn and performs higher spin rates on iron and wedge shots. Skilled golfers prefer this control. On the other hand, most of the amateurs/ beginners choose Surlyn for it’s firm and hard feel perfect for repeated shots without scuffing.

We've laid out clear and concise the difference between golf ball covers. Now, it’s your sole decision to choose which one will you take to the greens, If you aren’t sure, you can do a test round for both ball types, and let us know on the comment section which has a room in your golf bag!

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