Tour Trajectory Golf Ball: A Game Changer That Can Launch Extra Meters on Your Shots

February 14, 2018

Tour Trajectory Post

Are you looking for balls that can make a huge stride in your scoring ability?

Yes or No?

If you answered "No", then probably you haven’t tried the new tour ball yet. Do you want to stick with your current distance and performance?

Or you wanna give this NEW ball a shot?

We’ve seen a lot of complaints about the distance and accuracy of golf balls over the course of time, seeing this pain to most of the best golfers encouraged us to look deeper on what they really need to have a consistent winning game.

Upon, a long journey of perfecting a ball, we're now ready to release our product that aims to match your performance and win every game without compromising the material and control.

Introducing the new Tour Trajectory Golf Ball engineered for high performers like you! This is the latest ball in Forté selection!

Best known as the greatest performer on your rounds for its excellent trajectory and longer distance results!

Excited to test and get your hands on it?

Allow us to introduce to you the Tour Trajectory by Forté first and learn how it can launch extra miles on your shots and will it give the control you most desired.

Before we proceed, here's a little treat for you all!



This perfected ball is the ultimate performer that emerged from tour performers and excellent golfers minds!

And what I shouldn’t keep away from you are the best things you “must” know about this ultimate performer!

Learn and discover how to fly with tour trajectory excellent wind-resistant dimple design

Tour Trajectory is crafted with wind- resistant 366 dimple design. It underwent a long quality control process to study the ball spin and ensure that it will create lift that will allow the ball to achieve better distance.

Many of golfers just see dimples as design, but it actually goes deeper than that. Dimple counts create a big difference on your game, commonly golf balls have 366 dimples standard, but one thing you should keep in mind when choosing your balls are the wind-resistant factor that high speeds up the ball flight to add extra meters to your shot.

You Absolutely Need an Ultra Soft Cast Urethane Cover for Your Precision and Control

Noticeable scuffing, unwanted marks and annoying marks after a few shots? That’s one of the problems with golf balls today that is being addresses with cast-urethane cover.

Some golf balls can’t match your optimal swing speed and often won’t last your round, Tour Trajectory cast urethane cover can withstand high impact off the club face.

Making it highly resilient with thin cover, great feel, soft and very durable design plus good short game control without sacrificing distance.

It has the most benefits compared to other Urethane manufacturing method. It produces high adhesion on the club face, also provides more spin on approach shots and result in consistent performance.

Experience the Unprecedented Crosslink Ionomer Technology for Optimal Penetration off the Tee

Tour Trajectory provides the excellent resilience and softness offering higher C.O.R and lower compression. Combine with Multi-Functional Copolymer to optimize the power of penetration perfectly.

The crosslinking technology maintains hardness and exhibits increased strength on the trajectory of the ball for innovative tour performance.

Feel Superior with Impressive High-Velocity Copolymer Mantle with HPF2000 Like Never Before

Do you aim for some serious extra meters on your drives? If yes, then read on!

The copolymer mantle has a combination of high resilience and low compression never before available. It offers ultra-high velocity with optimized launch angle to generate long distance and extreme low spin. This allows the Tour Trajectory to perform extremely low spin with better and even more distance. This ball provides high launch plus low spin which results in longer flight.

Go the Distance with Progressive ND High-Core Technology with Ultimate Resiliency and Added Meters on Your Shot

The new revolution core design maximizes the C.O.R. ( Coefficient of Restitution), and the Tour Trajectory progressive ND high-core technology improves the consistency of the ball flight. This flight consistency paired with your accuracy can give you the winning shots you always dream of!

Launching your tour trajectory can generate better control and commendable distance.

Let's Keep the Tour Trajectory Story Rolling- How we Made it This Far?

We’ve dedicated over six months to seek out the opinion of our fellow golfers on our Prototype through a lengthy trial campaign to be able to design the best golf ball that deserves to be with you on your every game on the course.

And now we are proud to officially launch the TOUR TRAJECTORY made by survey results and suggestions from our trusted ones!

If you are part of our trial journey, Thanks mate!

Here're some impressive reviews we’ve generated that helped and inspired us to develop the Tour Trajectory ball to perfection.


For the time and effort of those who participated in our trial campaign, we're deeply honoured to launch the ball CREATED by YOU!

This is the tour ball made from your actual experiences on the greens!

Now, we already shared the holy grail of the golf game, it all lies in combining best distance tour golf balls with best performance ball. And you have it all in one ball!

Remember, that a great player like you should always aim better shots on the greens.

Max out your ball distance mate! Tour Trajectory can provide exceptional distance performance and better feel properties on your game!

Get any dozen of Tour Trajectory and get 1 Raffle ticket to win Forté Stand Golf Bag! We also have FREE shipping campaign for a limited time ONLY!

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Tour Trajectory Price/Per dozen Discount
Buy 1 $43.99 AUD 0% Off
Buy 2 $39.99 AUD 9% Off
Buy 4 $39.99 AUD 9% Off + Free shipping
Buy 6 $35.99 AUD 18% Off + Free shipping
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Buy 2 $71.99 AUD 6% Off
Buy 4 $71.99 AUD 6% Off + Free shipping
Buy 6 $66.99 AUD 13% Off + Free shipping


TPS Price/Per dozen Discount
Buy 1 $48.99 AUD 0% Off
Buy 2 $44.99 AUD 8% Off
Buy 4 $44.99 AUD 8% Off + Free shipping
Buy 6 $40.99 AUD 16% Off + Free shipping


SS3 Price/Per dozen Discount
Buy 1 $30.99 AUD 0% Off
Buy 2 $28.99 AUD 6% Off
Buy 4 $28.99 AUD 6% Off + Free shipping
Buy 6 $24.99 AUD 19% Off + Free shipping


SS2 Price/Per dozen Discount
Buy 1 $24.99 AUD 0% Off
Buy 2 $21.99 AUD 12% Off
Buy 4 $21.99 AUD 12% Off + Free shipping
Buy 6 $18.99 AUD 24% Off + Free shipping