Forte Flex Fit Golf Gloves - For Right-Handed Golfer

Synthetic-Cabretta Leather

Outstanding feel and control

It gives you the grip you need and comfort you want! Especially formulated with synthetic cabretta leather, it gives a durable fit and tacky feel. Lycra material and honeycomb meshing adds in flexibility and enhanced breathability for a superior performance.

Air-circulator mesh

The highest level of comfort

It maximizes air circulation for a breathable grip, you'll find it's comfortable as new wear in any condition.

Less moisture, more traction.

Flex Fit

One size fits all for men & women

FORTÉ Flex fix glove has Compression-Wrap technology which provides a wider range of compression than other traditional compression gear. Easy to use, it ensures perfect fit and great comfort. As well as higher working compression when the wearer is active.

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